Bad Breeder? Think Again.
Friday, 02 January 2015 13:30

I don't often talk here about the problems that ALL breeders have with Animal Rights Extremists.  These folks are NOT about Animal Welfare; their goal is the elimination of all companion animals, among other issues.  They are full of hate, they have no open mind, and they paint all breeders with the same brush, whether they have one litter or 500.  I don't generally talk about these people here because this is my safe space for myself, for my little dog family, for people who love Dachshunds and for those who might need help or information.  I fuss about ARists on my Facebook page quite often, but even then, I don't think it often sinks in for people who see my posts, even with fellow show breeders.  They think, "Oh, my dogs are sooo well cared for, no one would ever be able to accuse me of being a bad breeder." 

Think again.

I was recently accused of being a bad/inattentive breeder and threatened with being "reported" and I didn't even KNOW it until yesterday.  Wanna hear the story?  You should, because even though this was relatively minor, it shows how people can misconstrue what they think they are seeing, and this could have EASILY been a major problem for me.  Very often, regular people get caught up in the AR talking points without even really knowing what they are saying.

Yesterday, I received this email:

I just found your webcam this morning.I have been watching the little puppy in the cage. His litter box is full, not just one day's worth, but many. He has no food or water. Someone came into the area, not on camera, but did not ever go to the cage and hold him, nor did they give him food or water. Other viewers have commented on this litter box being full. This poor little pup needs some attention. He needs some food and water.I am going to continue to watch and monitor this situation and report it if I see that it continues.You need to clean his box every day.

Watcher in Illinois

I emailed this person back and told him I didn't know what he was talking about.  I don't currently have baby puppies and I haven't since mid March through late May last year.  I do live stream my litters on The Pet Collective channel on YouTube, as a way to both keep tabs on my litters while I am at work and to educate people that most breeders don't have puppies living in squalor.  However, that stream hadn't been up since late May 2014.  I cautioned him against assuming he could really have a true handle on what was going on from a webcam.  I wasn't quite sure this wasn't some kind of scam, though his email appeared to be from an legit individual (I am in Data Security and have my ways!), so I asked him not to email me back. Later in the day, this kept bumping up for me.  So, I emailed him again:

Actually, the more I think about this, the more ticked off I am. WHO are you? Where did you get my email address? I don't currently have a webcam up and I haven't had one up for almost a year! That said, I would never ignore a puppy (my God, other things fall to the wayside b/c I spend so much time with my pups when I have them) or let waste pile up.

But the worst thing for me, besides the fact that you are totally targeting me when I don't even have an active webcam up, is that you think by watching a webcam for a few hours that you know exactly what is going on at the other end and you feel you can just start calling people out based on something you thought was going on. Something like that can tell a totally different story than reality. Kinda like you thought I was the person with the webcam.

He responded:

Dawn-Renee I appear to have reached the wrong person. Let me explain how I got your email.

I was on a webcam site, and saw a puppy in a cage, barking, litter box full, with no food or water. At the bottom of THAT page, it said it was in  a place called Ruger Dachshunds located in Colorado.  It said if you were interested in dachshunds, to go to a page and gave the web address of  When you go to that page, it gives the persons name, Dawn-Renee Mack, and an email  anderuel@rugerdachshunds.  It appeared that that was the person who maintained the webcam. That is the email I used and the email that you have responded from.

I noticed, when watching the cam, that in the comments section below it, several other people had made the same type of comment. That the litter box was full, the puppy cried non stop, no one came around etc. I was not the only person who had noticed that. Others had spoke of trying to report it.
As for you asking me to stop emailing you, I only emailed you  once.
I am only sending this so you know how/where I got your email. I apologize again for upsetting you, but I (and others) were concerned about this puppy on the camera. Perhaps if you know where this puppy is, you can look into it. It appears to be a live feed, but maybe it is not.

I will not contact you again, don't worry.

So, I went to and searched "Dachshunds."  DANG if a loop of my old webcam didn't come up!  When I was live streaming, I did see this link, but they were positive, so I didn't fuss about The Pet Collective stream being redirected.  However, once my live stream went down, this site continued to stream a loop of a random section of the stream, unbeknownst to me.  It appears to include time while I was at work, and puppy Emme, recently by herself because Sprocket went to his new home, is fussing about being in the pen.  She has a litter pan, with a layer of litter in the bottom (one poop, I think), a very clean puppy pen with lots of toys and an open crate.  She has water, and the empty pan from her breakfast, which she likely inhaled in 30 seconds.  She alternately fusses and cries for less then 15 minutes, and then falls alseep for the next almost 4 hours.  I guess at some point someone picks her up and loves on her, but I didn't watch the whole loop.  Here's the link:

Read the comments.  And then read my addition from today.  It doesn't even take DOCTORED photos or video for ignorant or uninformed people to start thinking that a dog is being "abused."


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