The Fastest Wiener at Dachtober Fest!
Monday, 26 September 2011 19:03

This is one of the funnier pictures I've seen of a Ruger pup in awhile.  Just makes me snicker and snort.

Sheldon, Ready For The German Autobahn!
Sheldon, Ready For The German Autobahn!


So, Sheldon and his family, Gary, Leslie and Steven, went out to Dachtober Fest last weekend.  All the proceeds from this event went to support All Breed Rescue Network and Ginger's Legacy, two outstanding charities.  Shel can be a bit of a chicken in situations with strange dogs, but he immediately seemed to understand that most of the dogs at Dachtoberfest were his "peeps".  He was immediately having a blast.  Leslie, who never dresses Sheldon up, just had to buy him a German hat.  And he obviously seemed to like it!

They decided to enter Sheldon in the Dachtober races.  Gary and Leslie's youngest son, Steven, suggested that he hold Sheldon and that his parents call him.  Sheldon ran in the qualifying heat, got almost to Gary and Leslie, and then turned around and raced back to Steven!  But then he flew back to Gary and Leslie and so he "qualified".  I think he was just working out his ya-yas!  At the actual race, once again Steven held Sheldon in the starting box.  They played the Call To Post and the Dachshunds were off!  Leslie said Sheldon won by a mile and didn't leave the finish line this time!!  HOORAY FOR SHELDON!! LOL!

Sheldon is a DC Sunrise Maximus v Ruger MW ROMX ex FC Doxikota Malibu Midge MS JE son.  He is a litterbrother to Finn, Teak & Geils.

King Sheldon
King Sheldon, Winner of the Wieners!


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