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Glossy coats, bright eyes and CLEAN mouths with no tartar or periodontal disease that in turn lead to healthier dogs are among the reasons I feed a raw, biologically appropriate diet to my canines. It's my opinion that feeding dogs an innappropriate, processed, grain-filled diet is only good for three groups: the companies who manufacture kibble, the companies that market it and the veterinarians who treat the dogs who are chronically sick as a result!

I think if most people knew how kibble was manufactured and what was allowed in kibble, they wouldn't let their dogs anywhere near it. If you are wondering exactly what goes into your pet's commercial food, read these articles:

After reading some of this, if you are interested in doing the very best for the health of your four-footed family members, check out the links below.

I do not suggest that you just start feeding raw meat to your pet...it is not smart to do anything in this world without researching it first. Please do your research BEFORE you start. I am always happy to answer questions and direct people to additional resources.

I also like using natural essential oils for flea and tick prevention and have done so with success. I use and recommend:



Email me for more information on oils, application, and ordering info. I will refer you to Tami Harms.

When I first tried to get more information on raw in 1997, it was tough to find anything. However, that is no longer the case. Email lists, chat groups, websites and books abound and most of them are pretty good sources. I will try to assemble some of my favorites, but keep in mind that this is my no means an inclusive list and what works for me may not work for you. That's the great thing about a raw diet...choice!!

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