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When we breed dogs, we do so for ourselves, for conformation and performance (primarily hunting ability) and for companionship.  Health is always a top priority.  Should a Ruger Dachshund become affected with a health issue that is thought to be hereditary, that dog is removed from our breeding program.  At minimum, all owners with offspring from that dog will be notified, as will anyone who has bred to that dog (in the case of males).  Mother Nature has her own ideas and while we strive for healthy dogs, sometimes the unexpected happens.  We think the measure of a good breeder is his or her commitment to honesty and to assisting their puppy homes when, God forbid, there is a problem.  We do not abandon any of our pups or their people at any time for any reason.

A Ruger Dachshund is not for everyone. These dogs are hunters and will not hesitate to kill any critter in your backyard; mice, birds, squirrels and bigger are all fair game. My pack has killed raccoons and tried to kill fox (the fox were smart enough to leave). Evie at 7 months killed a healthy, grown squirrel by herself.  If this bothers you, perhaps no Dachshund is right for you; after all, the breed was created to go to ground to keep badgers cornered until a hunter could dispatch the badgers. They are tough little dogs!

The bitches, especially smooths, tend to have stronger personalities. All Ruger Dachshunds need homes with well-definied boundaries, consistent rules and a firm but benevolent hand. They need varied and regular socialization, as they can be initially reserved with strangers if you do not keep up with the socialization started here when they are babies. Like most dogs, they need daily mental stimulation, or they will invent their own 'fun'. These dogs are not for the faint-hearted (or queasy)! That said, you will be hard pressed to find such a versatile small breed that is so tough yet so loving.

There are usually pet-quality pups in every show litter. It is not common to have a litter of pups that are all of conformation show potential, however, it is common to have litters where ALL puppies can excel at earthdog, field, obedience, conformation, etc.  Not only is training/competing a great way to socialize your puppy, it's also a wonderful way to bond deeply with your dog.  People who are willing to compete with their dogs or willing to let us do so are given top priority and go straight to the top of our wait lists.

Please keep in mind that the period from conception to puppies who are ready to go to new families is generally 5 months. We prefer to keep puppies until 12 weeks of age, but we will let them go earlier to experienced Dachshund homes only. We reserve the right to determine "experienced". We do not sell dogs as 'breeding stock'. If you do not show or we do not know you, please don't ask to buy a puppy without a neutering requirement and/or limited registration. It's a waste of time for all of us. We do not breed puppies so that unscrupulous breeders can breed them to death or so pet people can have "just one" litter while using our hard work as a marketing gimmick. Please don't even try...we know every trick in the book.

As always, we are happy to refer to Dachshund show breeders in the region who may have pet puppies now. If we have available puppies, they generally will be listed on the 'Puppies' page.

If you would like a referral, please email us with the size (miniature or standard) and coat (wire, smooth or long) in which you are interested. We won't send you to anyone we wouldn't buy from ourselves and we are *picky*!




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