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Ruger Finish Line

DOB 12.15.2008 (major pointed)
(DC Sunrise Maximus v Ruger MW ROMX ex FC Doxikota Malibu Midge MS JE)
Finn's Pedigree


In the fall of 2008, my friend, Meghan Green (now Meghan Walker) sent her Doxikota-bred bitch, Midge, to me in order for Midge to attend some field trials and earthdog tests. Meghan lives in Canada, where there are not as many opportunities for field trials and earthdog.  Midge was out of my favorite of Pam Bethke's bitches, Mali (CH Doxikota Mali-Boo Barbie MS) and a half sister to my CH Ryan.  I loved Midgey's sire, Pam's DC Doxikota Frodo Baggins MW, so I was looking forward to running her in the field.  She ended up being a blast to show, finishing in two weekends with two firsts and a second and 99 points.  She is, without question, the very BEST Dachshund, dog or bitch, I have ever hunted behind.  She was focused, strongly voicing and almost impossible to fault.  Surprisingly, she came into season just as the second weekend of field trials was starting (which meant she didn't get to run for Absolutes).  I was very excited about her hunting ability and asked Meghan if I could breed her to my DC Maximus ROMX, hoping for wires that would hunt like Midge.  Meghan was excited about the prospect and agreed.  While pregnant, Midge finished her Junior Earthdog title in two tries and probably would have coasted through the other levels if she'd had the opportunity.  Of course, Mother Nature had very different ideas than we did and she presented us with four SMOOTH BOY puppies on December 15, 2008.  You just have to chuckle.  Two puppies, one black and tan and one red, had small tail kinks.  The other two, black and tans, looked promising from a conformational standpoint.  We kept my favorite puppy, Finn, in the hopes that he would hunt like his mother or his father, who is certainly not shabby when it comes to field work.

So, what did we get?  A sweet, sweet boy who is deathly afraid of rats.  I am not making this up.  He will not look at rats.  In fact, he will do anything he can to get away from them.  He does trail cottontail, but he has not opened thus far.  God help him if he SAW a rabbit.  I really don't know what he would do.

Sadly, Midge passed in late 2009, at the age of six, after it was found that she had GME.  As a result, her sons have become even more precious to Meghan and to me.  If I can ever pry Finn from my husband's death grip, he will go to Meghan in British Columbia.

Finn needs a major to finish, but there haven't been many majors and I haven't been traveling for conformation.  We will get there!


Finn @ 9 weeks


Stacking at 8 weeks - thankfully, that is not the way he holds his tail on a normal basis


8 weeks - such a sweet face!


22 months


Not the greatest stacking job @ 22 months - still not quite grown up


Why are you making me do this?

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