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  • Elliot - Elliot is our Rescued Dachshund. Don't let that fool you, though, because he is one talented dude! Most Dachshunds are extremely sharp, even if they don't have a well-bred beginning.
  • Griffin - Griffin is our funny face! His arrival helped us immensely following Rudy's death. With the best face on the planet, he is his mama's boy.
  • Maximus - Maximus....Max, Maxi, Paxi, Pax, Paxton. We adore this boy who loves to hunt and snuggle. He spent some time with Marcus and the Knutsons, but after Reilly's death, they sent him back to us...he was the perfect salve to soothe Reilly's passing. We are ever so grateful.
  • Gracchus - There isn't a sweeter 'Mama's boy' in all the world than Gracchus and he is my special boy. He is my little bodyguard and my ball boy.
  • Ryan - Ryan is our first homebred wire bitch. She is lovely; in conformation, in movement, in temperament and in hunting instinct. We have high hopes for this little one!
  • Evie - Oh, EVIE! This 'lil spitfire has ATT-TI-TUDE to burn!! And she's yet *another* ball dawg! The first (and one of only two) wire Tania daughter.
  • Finn - We didn't really NEED another boy, let alone a smooth boy, but Jody just fell in love with this lovely guy and his sweet expression.  So Finn is here and much loved! Finn-bin bo bin banana fana fo fin!
  • Logan - Well, here we go again.  Another boy.  He's a wild boar wire Evie son and well, the attitude apple didn't fall far from the tree.  :)
  • Fiona - Our first Afghan Hound.  I missed having a "big" dog and, well, Fiona just so happened one day...what a goof.  We all laugh at her silly antics.  She's a blond teenage girl in a dog suit!


  • Rudy - I happened upon our first Dachshund, Rudy, by accident. It was an accident that changed my entire life. He was with us just a little over three years and we wouldn't have traded a day with him for anything in the world.
  • Reilly - Reilly was our first "conformation" dog after years in the breed, finishing his Championship easily. However, he was much, much more than just another pretty face. Unfortunately, he left us far too soon
  • Delaney - Delaney was our protector and the "momma" to all the foster Dachshunds and puppies who have come through our house. She was amazingly gentle and patient with all little ones.
  • Andie - Andie was the first dog I owned of my own, found at the shelter when she was a baby and I was pretty much a baby myself. She was such a good, happy girl, she set the template for all who would follow. I made my big boo-boos with her and she never held it against me.

Dogs we co-own with other folks...

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Litters Sired by Ruger Boys

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