Dagen 1, Mole 0
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 21:12

While we are very proud of our titled dogs and their owners, we are as equally proud of the rest of our dogs and their people, too.  Leanne Boyd in Indiana, proud owner of Dagen (daughter of DC Maximus ex CH Mali and smooth littersister to CH Ryan, Doogie and Sunshine) sent us the following pictures, showing off Dagen's talent when it comes to mole extermination:

dagen_mole_1.gif dagen_mole_2.gif dagen_mole_3.gif

After a week of destroying the front bed...I opened the door only to have her run in and plop this JUST killed mole on the kitchen rug...."good girl Dagen" (now get back outside with that disgusting dead creature........!!!!). She's outside relaxing, exhausted with the fruits of her labors.

Dawn-Renee, she may not be getting any letters in front of or behind her name but she's a DAMN persistent hunter!!!!! ;-) She's true to her breeding.

I also included a picture of the huge mess she made of the front bed if you can see it. Most of the holes are body deep!!

Go Miss Dagen!  That is *some* handiwork!  Maybe your momma could hire you out to help pay for the repair of this flower bed!

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Hunting Hounds at Chico Basin Ranch
Saturday, 09 May 2009 09:19

ryan_maxi_hunt_test2.gifWe attended the BHCA Hunting Hounds test at Chico Basin Ranch on May 3rd.  It was overcast and rabbits were few and far between, but the dogs really had a good time.  Conditions were challenging; lots of prickly pear, cane cholla and even a shy rattlesnake.  Chico Basin is a working cattle ranch and there are bands of semi-wild horses and tons of migratory birds.  It was absolutely beautiful there.  Lots of family dogs and their owners attended.

CH Ryan and her sire, DC Maximus, search for rabbits in this picture.  You can see more pictures by clicking on this link:  BHCA Hunting Hound Test Pictures

Meet Our H Litter!
Monday, 20 April 2009 21:46

h_litter_day8_1.gifWe think this little guy is trying to say, "Hello from Colorado!"  LOL!  Our friend Heather Fiedler calls this "Fame!" Okay, seriously, meet CH Payton and CH Winston's new little Dachshund family at 8 days of age.  Bellied up at the milk bar is their wire black and tan girl and Mr. Cheerleader there is their wire black and tan boy.  Unlike the last litter, there is NO DOUBT these little critters are wire.

Mama Payton is doing fabulous and being a very attentive but not nervous kinda gal.  These are our favorite kinds of mamas.  :)

We are using Carmen Battaglia's Early Neurological Stimulation, as usual, but we will be adding a more organized socialization system with these puppies starting at week 4 through week 7 thanks to our friend Sharon McDonald.  We've done some of these things before, but never in such an organized, consistent way.  Of course, this will be in addition to the normal, extensive socialization we do until puppies go to their new homes at 12 weeks.

If you all have any ideas on "H" names, please use the comment feature below and let us know what your ideas are!

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Snow, snow, snow!
Wednesday, 01 April 2009 18:09

Here are some of the kids coming in the dog door after plowing through about 9 inches of fresh snow.  Tania is on the left, Maximus is shaking off next to her and believe it or not, that is Ryan who is totally snow covered on the right with Finn in front of her, greeting her.  Finn is a *total* smoothie, because he refused to go out.  LOL!  This snow was from the blizzard Colorado had on March 26th.  We ended up with 16 inches that was gone by the 28th.  Now, today, April 1st, we had "thunder snow", rain and hail.  There is about 6 inches on the deck and a heavy underlayer of rain.  On my way to shovel the deck for the Dachshunds!

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