Success at the Oct 09 Field Trials in Roscoe
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 12:56

Well, this is going to be *some* post, so hang on! This trip was fun to put it mildly, though it was an incredible amount of work.  Not only did I get to visit with dear friends and make new ones, the Colorado Dachshund contingient did very well, as did DC Gracchus and DC Maximus children from other areas of the country.


Tania earned her 1st (and an additional 4th) and is now a Field Champion!  Bred by Valerio Hernandez, she is now FC Sunrise Lightly Tanned MS ME ROMX. I can't tell you how much this title meant to me.  :)

Sisko, owned by Leigh Kamens and bred by Carol Henning, earned his 1st  (and an additional NBQ) and became FC Rumor's Quick On The Draw.  Sissy is a DC Maximus son out of Moriah's Rumor's Oopsy-Do MW. Sisko's FC was another of my "top priorities" this trip.

Doogie, at his first entered field trials, earned an Absolute with an entry of 79 dogs (this is like a Best in Specialty Show...he was judged the best Dachshund at the field trial on that day), a Best of Open, a 1st, a 2nd and two 4th places.  After two weekends and 4 trials, he is 2.25 points shy of being a Field Champion.  Doogie is a Ruger and a Doxikota Dachshund sired by DC Maximus out of Pam Bethke's CH Doxikota Mali-Boo Barbie MS, "Mali" and brother to Ryan, Dagen and Sunshine. He is owned by Tosha and Steve Cox.  Doogie is the third dog I've handled to an Absolute. As an aside, this litter is one of my best to date.  It wouldn't have happened without Pam loaning Mali to me and suggesting breeding her either to Maximus or to Guinness.

CH Evie JE earned her first field points with a 3rd.

Sidney JE, Evie's sister, earned a 4th and her first FT points.  Sidney is owned by Shawn Lightfoot.

Monte JE, a full brother to FC Sisko, earned his first FT points with a 4th.  Monte is owned by Courtney and Justin Hillard and was bred by Carol Henning.

CH LK's Luck E Lady MW ME, "Cloë", owned by Celli Jones and bred by Lisa and Michael Young, earned her first field trial points by going 2nd the day Evie earned her 3rd.

Other fun stuff:

DC Maximus' daughter, Pocketpack On The Fly MW RN, "Bug", out of Lois Ballard's TC Pocketpack Flutter-By MW CD RA OA OAJ JE, "Hazel", finished her Field Championship and became Maximus' 9th CH or FC.

Then Sisko's FC and Doogie's Absolute gave Maximus the final requirements needed for him to earn his Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX).  He has sired 2 DCs, 6 CHs and 2 FCs thus far, with many more waiting in the wings.  This milestone is very gratifying for Valerio and I, as Maximus has more than proven his merit as a producer.

Gracchus' children out of FC Muffin, FC Bonnie, FC Raina and FC Ruckus, earned more placements than I could keep track of.  Thanks to their breeders and owners, Gail and Bob Page.

Kathy Schooler's DC Radar earned several placements in the Field Champion Dog class and he also earned his CGC, thus making him eligible for his Versatility Certificate.  He'll now be known as DC Caledonia's Radar 'O Reilly v Ruger MW RN JE CGC VC TDI.  Radar is a DC Maximus son out of CH LK's Caledonia's Lil Lassie and was bred by the Marvin family. He was also home with me (temporarily) being bred to Pam's and my CH Payton.  If she takes, this will be Radar's first litter.

In the NW, Betsy Fortman's Noodle (bred by Pam Bethke), earned his Master Earthdog title!  Noodle is a Maximus son out of Pam's dear girl DC Posey TD JE.  Noodle is now Doxikota Uno Noodle MW TD RN ME. We are hoping Betsy lets us run Noodle in the field for her!  (hint hint)  LOL!


Big Thanks to Pam Bethke, Laura and Anna Knoll and everyone else who helped me hold and shuffle dogs in the field.  Of course, I ♥ Don Howard, my favorite Beagler, for allowing Pam and I the use of his golf cart.  I can't forget my puppy families, who are the best owners in the world, for "getting" why it's so good for the dogs to go to events like these.

Some shots from the trials (more at


Sisko tries on Laura's wig for her girl, Ochre. Maybe he could be a longhair?


Doogie earns Absolute his second time in the field! Wow! Mr. Doogus kept his cool, saying, "Aw, shucks..."

Judge Mary Powell pictured


Laura was invaluable in helping me practice with dogs before and between she is with Sisko, before he earned his first!


FINALLY! Tania's turn at the blue ribbon! Yay Nannies!


Déjà vu hit the next day in the OAAD class, as Sisko FINALLY got his blue, too!! Yay!

Judge Lois Ballard pictured


Anna with Pam's darlin' lil Junie-B waiting on the golf cart for Junie's turn. It was brrrr cold that day!

Junie earned an Absolute this spring!

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Wise Words...
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 21:09

One of my Very Favorite dog trainers, Sarah Stremming, just joined Twitter.  *Finally*!  So I was making sure I followed her Tweets with all my accounts (yes, I am Twi-dicted!) and I clicked on her blog.  I haven't been there in a while, and I found a new post.  Of course, most of us *know* what I'm about to quote here, but it always is good to be reminded and I don't think I've ever read it phrased exactly like this.  Sarah is discussing the expectations of humans when it comes to owning dogs:

I wish all dogs could say just these words to their potential adopters, ”I am a dog.  All I ever do is what I know works for me, and if it doesn’t work for you, I need you to show me what does.  I would like you to know that sometimes I will be a challenge, and I am sure you yourself are no different, but I will always be honest.  If I bite, know that it is because I am afraid.  If I ever bark, know that it is because I am trying to say something. If I ever pee in the wrong place, know that I do not understand where the “right” place is.  If I chew up something of yours, know it is because I need to chew, and your stuff was just there, smelling like you.  Know that I need you to protect me from disease, teach me human words, feed me good food, and stick up for me when children are bothering me–for not doing these things is the quickest way for me to meet death. Know that I am not disposable. Know that I want to be a good dog, and if you show me how, I will give you as many years of companionship as my body allows.”  This way when people fail their dogs–which is what happens when dogs are dumped in shelters–they at least can not claim they didn’t know better, because the dog himself will have told them all the things they needed to hear.

Wow.  A paragraph all dog lovers should carry with them always and a paragraph every family considering a dog should read.  10 times.  Maybe 100.

You can find Sarah's blog here:  Twitter:

I think Sarah is also going to have some training articles featured on my site.  If you live on the Front Range of Colorado and want a fabulous private lesson, call Sarah.  If you are lucky enough to live in FoCo, she is a trainer at Come, Play, Stay at South Mesa Veterinary Hospital.  It's a beautiful facility.

I don't always agree 100% with her, but she always makes me *think* about how I am handling my dogs.  We ♥ you, Sarah.

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Elliot's Owie
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 10:42

Poor Ells!  He is almost 11 now and starting to get the "lumps and bumps".  He had one on his little face that had been there for a while without looking strange.  Recently, it started changing size and being a bit weepy.  I suspected it might be morphing into a mast cell tumor.  Dr. Annette agreed, so she took it off yesterday (see his stitches?), along with a more innocent looking one on his leg.  Even though he has a very healthy mouth for his age, we decided to polish his teeth while he was under anesthesia.  She took out a couple of teeth that looked marginal...rather have them out now than let them cause trouble later.

Now we just wait for the histopathology to come back on the mass.  Elliot is a little swollen, but otherwise is a champ, as usual!  I wish I was as tough and forgiving as my dogs are!

UPDATE! Today (9/24) we got the histopath report back and it's clear!  No mast cell! It was officially a "nodular sebaceous gland hyperplasia".  The complete excision "should be curative"!!  Hooray!  Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers you all sent for Elliot!!  We ♥ you!!

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Salad, Anyone?
Thursday, 17 September 2009 18:01

Well, I told you I was going to start blogging the fun stuff.  And with a bunch of dogs, there is usually something going on.  So, another post...two in One Day!

So I am in "The Barnyard" this evening, picking up you sense a theme today?...and all of a sudden, everyone is chasing Tania.  That in of itself is fairly unusual and she is being all herky-jerky, acting like she has something she doesn't want anyone else to have.  I figure it's just a toy and keep on scoopin'.  Then she runs past me and I catch the very distinctive smell of green peppers.  Now, my little container garden was destroyed by the Hail in July, but a few things survived, including my peppers.  We had one (yes, just ONE) lovely green stuffing pepper.  I planned on stuffing it with something yummy and sharing it with Jody.  Well, Tania had some different ideas:

She plucked the dang thing right off the plant and yes, she ate every morsel.  Good girl!  :)

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