awww, Finn-Binn ♥ Dali!
Thursday, 28 January 2010 20:28

Radar and Payton's little Dali is growing like a weed.  She's about 6.5 weeks old and precocious as all get out.  Finn was already a darling boy, but Dali has brought out the protective big brother in this 13 month old adolescent.  He plays ever-so-gently with Dali and pretty much lets her do whatever she wants.  He's normally pretty wild, but not with the little one.

As you can see, even with her using his tail as a chew toy, he never got mad and neither did he leave!  What a good boy!

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Christmas Photo Shoot
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 19:43

So I know it's a big shock, but I decided I wasn't up to a group shot of the four-leggeds this year (lol!), so I did all separate shots to include on the holiday card. Stay tuned; I will post it when I'm finished!

Left to Right, Row One: FC Elliot CD NAJ CGC, FC Griffin CGC, FC Tania ME ROMX.  Row Two: DC Maximus ROMX, DC Gracchus JE, CH Payton.  Row Three: CH Ryan, CH Evie JE, Finn

elliot_xmas_c09_w.jpg griffin_xmas_c09_w.jpg tania_xmas_c09_w.jpg
maximus_xmas_c09_w.jpg gracchus_xmas_c09_w.jpg payton_xmas_c09_w.jpg
ryan_xmas_c09_w.jpg evie_xmas_c09_w.jpg finn_xmas_c09_w.jpg
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I Found A Home!
Tuesday, 10 November 2009 17:19

Update!  Scooby found a home!!

Not a Dachshund, but definitely a baby boy who needs a second chance!  Please feel free to send this link to friends or family you think might be interested or who might know someone who is!

1029091725.jpgScooby is an 8 month old neutered male beagle/pug cross. He is up-to-date on vaccines and currently living in the care of the South Mesa Veterinary Hospital kennel staff in Fort Collins. He was purchased from a less than reputable producer by a busy family that did not have much time for him.  He was treated very badly by the two young children in the family, who were not being supervised properly. He has some basic clicker training and is a bright little guy who loves learning new things.  Due to his previous experiences, he does have a few "issues" that Sarah would love to work out with his new owners, and since he is so young, Sarah has no doubt that he can grow into a fabulous companion for someone.  He would prefer a home without kids, he loves to play with other dogs, and he has never been around cats, but then again he is young and adaptable.  He is very active and athletic and would be a great walking or hiking buddy. Please contact Sarah; bordercolliestar [at] or 303.910.3155 if you are *seriously* interested.

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Thursday, 05 November 2009 09:22

Hootie is a CH Winston ex CH Payton son and littermate to Miss Dixie. He lives in Long Beach, CA (lucky dawg) with his new owners, Kathy and Erick and his new brother, Mikey.  He is taking after his surfin' "dad" and thinks of the citrus and apple trees in their yard as Trees that Give Him Toys.  Yep, he's another Ball Dawg.  Big shock. eh?


Hootie in the pool with his Dad, "surfin'"


He likes to skateboard, too!


Hootie and his new brother, Mikey. Mikey is so cute and he and Hootie are good buddies!


Hootie in the backyard here as a bitty baby

Hootie is going to play at being a show dog and we'll see what else Erick and Kathy's dog show friends can get them involved in, but mostly he's just a very loved family member and best bud to Mikey.  Wink

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